Alumni Spotlight: Mario Walker


Jamario Walker, also known as Mario, is an alumnus of the Diederich College of Communication. Mario returned to work as an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Marquette University.

photo credit: Mario Walker

I am from North side of Milwaukee, Wis. and the 2nd youngest of 6 children with a twin brother who attends UW-Milwaukee. I attended Messmer High School (’17) and am a 1st Generation and Educational Opportunity Program Graduate. I graduated from Marquette University in May of 2021 with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Public Relations. I work specifically with prospective students in the Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Madison areas.

My low point in my career journey was coming in not knowing exactly what I wanted to do professionally. There was quite some time where I was not sure exactly what life after college would look like. I have always enjoyed theatre and the skills it taught me. Being adaptable is one of those skills I am so thankful I was able to enhance on. Through working in higher education jobs including Undergraduate Admissions as a front desk receptionist, a community ambassador, an intern and as a Resident Assistant, I got a clear view of what my calling was. I wanted to continue working with and for students.

I recall doing a panel as a Community Ambassador for an event that welcomed many different high schools’ boys and being asked, “What do you all want to do after graduating?” I was a junior at that time, and the first thing to come to mind was becoming an admissions counselor and talking about the support system I felt around me while working in the office. Two key people in my life who have inspired me since I was a sophomore in high school and continue to inspire me every day are Katie and Mike Hennicke. They both absolutely love Marquette and have continuously been resources for me, not only from an academic standpoint, but from a personal one as well.

My favorite aspect about my Admissions Counselor Role is the variety of people I can interact with.

Due to many of these experiences at Marquette, I wanted to stay in the Marquette community and bring more families to join.

I love being able to travel to different schools and host different events in my territories. I look forward to continuing my professional connection not only with my peers in the Marquette community, but also with future families as well!

There are so many great ways that the Diederich College of Communication has impacted me. Starting with the theatre community and being a Theatre major. I struggled with and will admit, I did experience imposter syndrome during my first year, not because of anything anyone said or did, but because of being in my own head. Towards the end of freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year, I began to engage more in the community and met so many awesome people in my peers and professional staff members. Shout out to Stephen, Courtney, Connie, Deb, Jamie, Maureen, Chester, Todd, and of course all the outside directors/staff who assist in making productions and this community one of a kind! It is always a joy to interact with professional staff, not only in the theatre community, but also in the College of Communication. I am grateful for the network of people I have gotten to interact with. Whether it is connecting with Dr. Kimo Ah Yun at every event we see one another, going to Madison for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival to perform a Marquette student written play, White Privilege (by Malaina Moore), the opportunities Marquette Diederich College of Communication has provided me has pushed me to become the person I am today.

It is so hard to choose just one favorite memory at Marquette. One of the best memories I had was going through the Educational Opportunity Program Summer Bridge Program. During this program I was able to live on Marquette’s campus in McCormick Hall and take two college courses. This program assisted the transition into college not only academically, but socially as well. The friendships and connections I made with my peers not only lasted throughout that summer, but also throughout the rest of my collegiate career! The entire experience of being a Resident Assistant in Wells Street Hall was a blessing. The connections with professional staff, specifically with my supervisor Jennifer Edwards, my coworkers, and my residents continued providing me with having that family feel I felt in high school and at home.

The advice I would give to current students is to not wait until it is too late…don’t procrastinate. Another way of saying this, as Jamie Cheatham put it, is to “Be in the moment.” College goes by fast, so definitely take advantage of the resources around you. There are a lot of opportunities that are offered at Marquette which include working on campus jobs, volunteering, being in a part of an organization, playing in intramural sports, or just building on the relationships you have with professional staff members, alumni, and your peers. Ensure you are maximizing your time on campus, not only in the classrooms, but outside of them as well.