Meet Christian Golden: Marquette’s Very Own 2023 Bucks Fellow

A new partnership between the Bucks and Marquette University has created The Bucks Fellowship, where the Milwaukee Bucks gives Marquette University Urban Scholar students an opportunity to work inside a professional sports team. This hands-on experience gives students the opportunity to experience a wide range of work within a professional sports franchise.

photo credit: Christian Golden

My name is Christian Golden and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently, I am a junior studying corporate communication and entrepreneurship.

“Being a Bucks fellow is a blessing! I’m able to interact with the community that raised me and give back to it! Which aligns with my aspiration of being a philanthropist.”

My favorite Marquette memory is hosting the Soul Food Friendsgiving night! It was amazing to see so many students and faculty come out to fellowship! Shaka and the basketball team were there! President Lovell and Provost Kimo were there! And many more!

In fiveyears, I hope to be running my own businesses: one being a nonprofit that supports students of color trying to pursue higher education or attempting to jump start their very own business. My organization will either help them pay for school or their very own business venture.