Q&A with Maria Moran Avila, Comm ‘21

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photo credit: Maria Moran Avila

In honor of #transferstudentweek, we caught up with Maria Moran Avila, who transferred to Marquette University and the College of Communication after attending Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Waubonsee Community College.

Tell us about yourself! I’m a senior in the College of Communication studying Communication Studies and Psychology; I will graduate in 2021. I’m originally from Quito, Ecuador.

What brought you to Marquette? It was a combination of many different things, but I really fell in love with the larger city and campus town environment that Marquette has.

What was the biggest adjustment after transferring? Being in a larger city all by myself was daunting at first. I had to learn how to be more responsible not only with school and work, but I acquired big financial responsibilities as well. Figuring out how to balance everything in my life was a challenge.

What do you like to do in Milwaukee? I love to try out new food and restaurants!

What are your goals after graduation? I want to make a difference by applying the amazing communication skills I have been learning at Marquette.

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