Student Spotlight: Julianna Okosun

photo credit: Julianna Okosun

As a student I feel that I still have so much to learn. Having a support system in the Diederich College and being curious and open to what professors and advisors have to say, has been critical to my academic success.

As I am still pursuing my degrees here at Marquette, I find it important to create connections linked to my professional life whenever possible. I am not sure whether my professional life will take place in the US or back home in Denmark. To help decide, I sought summer internships in both places to gain experience in both locations. The past two years I have interned at the Danish Broadcast Company, working in different kinds of TV, while also interning at Postindustrial Media as a production assistant. Juggling school, basketball and internships is definitely not easy, but I know the work I have put in will help prepare me for life after graduation.



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